the studios

Our studios are currently based at home where we provide a relaxed atmosphere to help you feel at ease and confident as you perform and we capture the performance.

We have a vast array of top quality recording equipment and processors to produce your album. We don’t use it all, believing that less is more as far as processing and production are concerned. We have chosen our equipment after much research and through years of experience; we know what sounds good.

The most important aspect of any recording is capturing your performance. We have a broad range of top quality microphones including the renowned Neumann Valve Tube microphone which gives an amazing warmth, body, depth, smoothness and clarity to anything it records – you don’t get anything better.

Another very important aspect is monitoring – how can you mix if you can’t hear exactly how something sounds? That’s why we use custom designed and built Lowther speakers with valve amplifiers**. The speed, depth and transparency given with these speakers is way beyond any normal hi-fi system which is perfect for mixing and mastering. We also have other cheaper hi-fi systems and In Car Entertainment systems to make sure that your album sounds great on all systems.