about us

We are a recording studio based 20 minutes outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. We believe that the vocal or instrumental performance is the most important aspect in producing a successful recording. We have a large number of albums that you can listen to in the folio section with wide ranging styles of music.

We specialise in southern gospel, traditional gospel, contemporary Christian, choir recordings, live music events, country, and jingles.

We have our own in-house 24-bit mastering facilities which are included free to all that use our services. We can receive almost any format from you to master your recording, from 1/4 reel-to-reel to wave file and aiff file formats at any bit depth and resolution. We can also sync to picture for video and DVD productions with dolby surround and dolby digital mixing facilities.

Each of our recordings are produced with a unique and fresh perspective which gives them all an individuality and sets them apart from the rest – we don’t want sterile recordings with no feeling. Listen to some tracks we have produced in the folio section.

We have been involved in the promotion of gospel music for over 30 years. We feel that it is important that musicians that are Christians should be involved in the production of Christian records which is why, as far as possible, that the musicians we use are Christians. This is reflected by the emotion that is conveyed in each of our recordings.

If you wish to contact us to inquire about our services please don’t hesitate. We will be too happy to answer any queries.